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 Venetian plaster and Marmorino are products  of the Renaissance, a time when the plasters  we know of today didn't exist.Venetian  Plaster was a combination of slaked lime,  sand, vegetable oils. A formula which was  used from the earliest times. During the  Renaissance, Italian plasterers in the area  around Venice began experimenting with the  basic plaster formula and created different  types of plasters. Marmorino, Intonachino or  Marmofloat. Marbles in a variety of hues  were ground into fine particles and mixed  with clays, and mineral pigments were added  to intensify colors. These mixes were then  added to the plaster. The common sand  usually used in Venetian Plaster was replaced  with finely ground marble dust. The clays  were used to extend the lime and produce a  harder surface. The result was a hard  lustrous plaster in varying hues. These new  plasters were applied to the walls and  ceilings of the finest buildings in and around  Venice. Although the formulas for the  plasters were closely guarded secrets, the  plasters of Venice spread across Italy,  Europe, and eventually by the late 18th  century, to this country

Firms main focus is to create and apply decorative architectural coatings which can be specified on various commercial and residential projects.
On European market since 1996 GD has shifted its offices to US in 2004 with plans to create...

Globe Designer introduces new trends in decorative finishing,Venetian Plasters,Old World Textures and Faux Finishing for interiors & exteriors in its Innovative Trends 2005 segment...  

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Our proficient group offers outstanding services in areas of Architectural wall finishing and other paint and plaster decorations.

Venetian Plaster Products.
As a certified applicator for plaster manufacturers we use only high quality paint and plaster products. Product overview.

Venetian Plaster Resources.
Introduction to the world of decorative plastering, History of plaster and other links and resources for Architects, Interior Designers, Planners and Homeowners.

Architectural Wall Finishes.
View samples of different types of Venetian Plasters, Marmorino Plasters,Faux finishes and other decorative wall coverings.Product specifications available.

Commercial Gallery.
View some of our commercial projects including; Offices, Casinos and Banks finished in decorative paints and plasters
Residential Gallery.
Ideas for residential space decorating with Polished plasters and other faux finishes.
Artist of the Ages
Some of the most recognized artist and sculptors of our times.

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